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  B&B Pollino San Severino Lucano Bosco Magnano B&B Pollino San Severino Lucano Bosco MagnanoB&B Pollino San Severino Lucano Bosco Magnano  
  C.da Pomarreti 122 - 85030 San Severino Lucano (PZ) - Phone_+39 0973640978 MobileP_+39 3405710126 mail: acasadimariolibero.it  


  B&B Pollino San Severino Lucano Bosco Magnano This is our B&B place in the beautiful village of Pomarreti in San Severino Lucano, in Valle del Frido. It's located five kilometers from the historic center, just steps from Bosco Magnano in the heart of the Pollino National Park. The Its strategic location allows its guests to have at hand is the most interesting places and natural landscapes that historical and cultural interest. It's the ideal place to relax and spend unforgettable moments of total relaxation in touch with nature. The village of Pomarreti is distinguished by its unique location as well as 'the quiet that accompanies guests for the duration of your stay. The bed & breakfast and' ready to welcome you in an atmosphere of warm hospitality and friendliness. We, Emma Mario and Giuseppe, we have gained considerable experience in tourism and hotel sector. Our house is' always open to anyone who wants to experience the park without sacrificing comfort, combined with a host family will always remember. The rooms available to guests are fully integrated in the context of the typical residential bed and breakfast and ensure proper discretion. There are: kitchen, living room TV, breakfast room with adjoining fireplace. The accommodation offers a large outdoor garden and a beautiful terrace overlooking Bosco Magnano.

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